The process for groups or individuals who have a business enterprise and are interested to be incorporated as a cooperative consists of a number of stages: in the first stage, professionals will examine several aspects of the enterprise; the financial aspect – financial feasibility; the legal aspect – including whether incorporation as a cooperative is advisable in the specific case; the social aspect – reviewing the concept, the enterprise members and the added value gained by the group from an association of this type. Assuming that the first stage was successful and the conclusion is that there is financial and social advantage in establishing a cooperative, it is possible to continue to the second stage – the incorporation stage. In this stage the group is introduced with a basic set of rules which establishes the wide range of relations between the association and its members, between the members themselves and between the members and third parties. This set of rules will also include the association’s primary objectives and the guidelines to achieve them, criteria for the admission of new members and the manner of their acceptance, the authorities of administrative agents, and so on. The set of rules and the attached documents are forwarded to be confirmed by the Cooperative Associations Registrar. The third stage consists of the registrar’s confirmation of the establishment of an association and its registration as a cooperative.